We've been keeping up DBT, Patterson Hood solo and Mike Cooley solo tourdates since 2000. It's stunning how many shows are on this list. Check them out!


Watch some of the older videos. All the videos we've put out can be found on the DBT YouTube Channel, so look there for more!
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Working This Job (This Fucking Job) Video

Here's the DBT's Working This Job (This Fucking Job) video directed by Scott Teems (That Evening Sun) and starring Ray McKinnon (Deadwood, The Accountant, Blind Side, O Brother, Where Art Thou?). Big thanks to Ray and Scott, two incredibly talented artists. Note that there are two versions of the video, each has a unique ending.

"A friend turned me on the DBT's over a decade ago. I went mad for what they were doing. Not long after someone turned them on to my film, THE ACCOUNTANT, of which they claim to still like. And so, we were mutually admiring without knowing each other. Eventually that changed and I have had their music in three of my succeeding films including THAT EVENING SUN which I produced. Patterson particularly, has become a good friend and when I was approached to be a part of the collaboration in the making of the video, I could not refuse. They have all been such champions of my films so more than anything, I (and Scott Teems) wanted to do something that they would dig... Drunk or sober. They seem to like it. The video shoot was a fair amount of shooting from the hip. We were making some crucial decisions on the fly. Damned exhilarating, it was. But nervy too. Lunch was brought in but I couldn't get "Burger World" out of my mind after seeing the video cop enjoy his burger so much after shooting me (or arresting me). So that's where I went. A last meal of sorts. A damn fine burger, too." - Ray McKinnon